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Planning to treat yourself to an Apple Macintosh?   Already have a Mac and would like to learn how to get the best out of it? Got a major problem that needs sorting right now?  We can help...
Knowledgable Between us we have a lot of experience, up to 25 years exclusively with Apple equipment, and knowledge across a wide range of software written for the Mac 
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The Macs2u group is an association of independent Apple Mac users who use their expertise to help Mac users (home and business), with setup, tuition, problem-solving. Whether your Mac is old or new, from 1988 to 2015, one of us will be able to help.
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Time for Tuition?Maybe when you bought your Mac, you started to use it without really learning how to get the best from it? 
OSX (the Mac’s operating system) is a real treasure chest with lots of interesting content. Many extras are ‘built right in’ that many people know nothing about—learning more of these can make your “Mac life” much more interesting and productive. 
We can visit your home or business… Sometimes trying to help over the phone doesn’t sort it. The job could be done faster by being there. We can visit you, at your business or home, help you sort it out and give you useful advice about how to improve your setup if need be, or give you a tutorial. We can set up your networking, connect up your ‘peripherals’—printers, scanners. We can get your mobile devices (iPad, iPhone et al) synching seamlessly with your Macs...
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We can help over the phone…    Who do you call when you just can’t figure out that one thing that stops everything working right? 
At Macs2u, we have a wealth of experience with Apple Macs and can often answer your questions and solve the problems directly on the telephone. We are quite happy to chat and assist this way initially.
We can help by sharing control of your Mac… Software already on your Mac allows us to help you by online remote control*. By letting us share control of the Mac with you, we can offer tuition, install and configure software and fix problems. Because we are able to see your screen, it makes it easier to help you; it's the next best thing to having a Mac expert by your side. And of course, distance is no object.  You don’t even need to be in the UK…  *some of us are using this software, not all
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Knowledgable Between us we have a lot of experience, up to 25 years exclusively with Apple equipment, and knowledge across a wide range of Mac software
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Living in East Anglia right on the coast, I cover the Colchester, Chelmsford, Ipswich and Sudbury areas. I also help by remotely accessing clients’ Macs, so—depending on the issues to be dealt with—you can be anywhere in the UK, or anywhere on the planet for that matter, and still get the help you need.     Equally at home setting up ‘silver surfers’, home offices, photography enthusiasts and small businesses. Email:
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Guy Hemmings, Frinton-on-Sea,Essex
Call Colchester 01206 809581, Frinton 01255 672701 or mobile 07973 744525 
TeamViewer Quick Support
 With 25+ years’ experience with Apple Macintosh computers, I can help you with installation and tuition, setting up broadband, networking, digital photography—whatever you would like to use the Mac for. If you have never used a Mac and are thinking of buying one, call for a chat on 01255 672701 or 07973 744525 or email      Macs are very easy to learn, and are great fun—yes indeed, computers can be enjoyable to use!
Download the Macs2u Support App for screensharing and I can help you—wherever you live, in any time zone. We can securely share screens.
I work with people at their own level and their own speed to get the most out of their Macs and their software.       With a background in print and media, I am equally at home with graphics and digital professionals as I am with home users of all ages.       My personal passions are developing film and digital arts projects—I work with many artists and arts organisations. See      The strength of Macs2U is that we are always talking to each other and sharing ideas and information—it's great to be able to say: “I’ll ask my colleagues around the UK for their thoughts.”      If you’re thinking of getting a new Mac—or have a problem with an existing machine—we can fix it ! If you’ve dropped or damaged your computer, talk to us before you speak to your insurers. We can warn you of the pitfalls.      I cover Dorset and South Somerset and occasionally farther afield.
Call 01305 268555 or 07968 782892 
Alastair Nisbet 
The Apple System Profiler provides useful information about your computer, such as the hardware and software installed, the serial number and operating system, how much memory is installed, and what devices are connected. This information can be useful in troubleshooting problems that might occur. The video at right shows how to share your Mac's profile file by email. On later Macs running 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9, click System Report when the option appears.
Call 01255 672701 or 07973 744525 
I was living in the USA when the first Mac was released and was hooked from day one! With over 30 years' experience of using and supporting Macs I retain the same enthusiasm and passion to get the most out of your Mac and make it run quickly and smoothly. It’s meant to be fun, and shouldn’t be a stressful experience. New installations, fixing problems, impartial advice and making all your Apple devices work together are just part of what we do. Increasingly clients have multiple Apple devices, iPads, iPhones, AppleTV and now watches. We can help you get the best from all your Apple equipment. I come to you, so no queuing in a store. I cover North Herts, Letchworth, Hitchin, Stevenage, Hatfield, Welwyn and surrounding areas, as well as Cambridge and south Cambridgeshire, and Mid Beds and the Biggleswade and Sandy region.
Robin Dover (Letchworth, Herts)
Call 01462 485561 or 07784 980664